Shelley Copeland, Practice Manager


Shelley has deep experience in a variety of areas of healthcare management, including as a consultant in pain management. Her background includes working with Johnson & Johnson Ethicon, Inc. for 10 years and Medtronic Neuromodulator for eight years.

In 2015 — after 18 years of knowing Dr. Tibor Racz professionally — Shelley joined Dr. Racz’ team to help him build Racz Pain Management

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I have years of experience in pain medical management and I truly am honored to be with a phenomenal physician with Dr. Racz’ amazing skill. His wide array of offerings gives many patients new options and his approach using cutting-edge technology sets him apart in his field. I have huge admiration for Dr. Racz and I am honored to be part of his team. At RACZ Pain Management, we strive to treat our patients like we would our own family members.”